Huashen Fire-Fighting Attend the "13TH China International Exhibition on Transport Technology & Equipment"

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Zhejiang Huashen Fire-Fighting has attended the "13TH China International Exhibition on Transport Technology & Equipment " in Beijing on 23rd May 2016,our automatic fire extinguishing device has been well aclaimed by industry experts on the exhibition.    

The "International Transportation Technology and Equipment Exhibition" is founded in 1992,has been the important platform for transportation industry after more than twenty years's development and growing.

 It's also the sole national approved major international professional exhibition hosted by ministry of transport,it has played a essential role of promote the international tranport industry business's communication and cooperation,speeded up the transportation technology result promotion and transformation. 

 The theme of this exhibition "Innovation driven,Transforming development" just matched the developing concept of Huashen Fire-Fighting,just as Zhou Jianguo the president of Huashen indicated,Huashen should innovate,transform,upgrade,follow the trend of new energy fire protection development,keep close cooperation with the front-line automobile,electromobile,power battery enterprises,move forward to the new energy industy's safe future.  

According to the standard of 《bus type classification and rating》(JT/T888-2014),the new energy vehicles should be equiped with security monitoring and management system,battery box automatic fire extinguish device,etc as security equipment. On this exhibition,Huashen has showed the early fire detection、intelligent judgement,interfere advanced,automatic extinguish upon emergency when the power battery is thermal runaway. With the feature of multisensor,full cycle fire detection,universal and predicting and warning,multilinked activating,solved the battery fire hidden trouble,provide a safest way for new energy automobiles.

Due to the wide range of application,reliability and good performance,our fire extinguish device has passed the test of CNCF,all the fire prediction function,self-starting,electrial-starting,manual starting,extinguishing time,fire extinguishing performance all match the new energy automobile requirements.