Huashen Attend the 4th Three Sessions Meeting of the Auto Industry Association

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 The 4th-three session meeting of city auto industry association was hold in Fuyang on 20th,May 2016,the deputy director of Hangzhou EITC Haozhiyi,chief supervisor Songxuguang,deputy director of CAAM Weizhaohong,ect leaders and heads of the member companies attended the meeting.Zhangaiqun the vice president of the association,senior president of Geely Group,took the chair of the meeting. 

 Haozhiyi the deputy director of Hangzhou EITC made a passionate speech in the meeting.He fully affirmed the work of the association and proposed expectation and requirements on the city auto industry's “lianghuaronghe” and promote innovation .He indicated the auto spare parts is the base of the development of auto industy,the strong support,the auto spare parts company should seize the intelligence application technology and manufacture upgrading,try to be the precursor of industry economic and innovation.      

 Our company Huashen Fire-Fighting Technology and our president Zhoujianguo has been commended and praised many times during the meeting for excellent work and strong support on“deepen the lianghuaronghe、promote internet technology application”.He said that our vehicle automatic fire extinguishing system has a good prospect,and he will promote our product to different sectors of society though association.



   The sales department director and the correspondent of Zhejiang Huashen they have both be commended as the 2015 advanced worker and excellent correspondent in the association.They have done a great job for the association,and make a good contribution to the company and society's fire protection.